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Where to even begin.... well I suppose an introduction would help. Hey there everyone who has bothered to read this far, thanks, I'm Shelby, and along with my partner in crime Christian we are Sour Dog Concepts.

Let me tell you all a little bit about how we got to this point in our lives. If you had told us a year ago, hell even at Christmas that we would 1.Own our own company, 2. Be Vegan, 3. Be active gym goers, I would have told you in a not so polite way to F off! Well fast forward a hell of a flu(pre Rona), meatless March challenge, global pandemic and mass lay offs later, and here we are. So if you know Christian and I, you know that we don't really do anything part way... it's pretty much all or nothing. If you're going to do something you might as well be better than everyone else. What can I say, kitchens were a fantastic place to build a competitive spirit.

This March we decided to challenge ourselves to meatless March, honestly just to see if we had enough will power to do it. Both working full time as Sous Chefs in DC, the month actually went a lot easier than either of us really thought possible. Some Thursdays we would eat a meal with meat in it (less myself than someone) and honestly we always just felt like crap the next day. After March ended I pretty much kept on with being a vegetarian. I would eat the occasional meat thing but it always just made me feel awful the next day. Being a vegetarian made me feel better than I had in YEARS! I worked all the time, barely slept, ate like shit, lived on caffeine and 7-11 food. Changing that one thing made everything else just fall into place. It wasn't a forced effort to go home right after work to go to sleep instead of staying out and being tired the next day. It wasn't a conscious choice to drink enough water a day, it was just something I did by habit. Feeling better became my normal.

Fast forward again to the not too distant future and shit hits the fan. The restaurant industry shuts down in a matter of days and "normal" life for us came to a complete stop. I got laid off first, Christian a day later. After being bored for 2 days we decided to start our own thing. Hence, Sour Dog was born. We decided to do contact free meal prep and delivery because that is what the world needed. Everyone was tired of cooking for themselves or still hadn't quite mastered it yet. We did originally serve meat with vegan and vegetarian options of course, but after a while we decided to go all the way in(like I said, all or nothing kind of people). Going vegan was pretty easy. We both go to the gym and are still healthy and fit with out animal products. I get all of my protein and vitamins from plants. People are so focused on the things that they can't have that they don't give it a chance. YES I eat enough protein, NO I don't just eat lettuce, YES I get enough Calcium. NEWS FLASH!!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE VEGAN TO EAT VEGAN FOOD. It is literally just food, usually healthier and less processed. Be careful though, not everything vegan is healthy,(*OREOS*). Give it a shot, do your body a favor, and eat a vegetable today just for shits and giggles.


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